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What are printable coupons?

Printable coupons are those coupons offered by a manufacture to receive a discount on their product or service, and this coupon requires printing in order to redeem at your preferred retailer. Printable coupons are our specialty here at and you will find many of our coupons are related to this area.

Some sites I visit require me to install a coupon printer, should I?

Yes. You will need to install the coupon printer from some third party sites in order to print the coupon from the link you visited. It is a special piece of software that enables the coupon to be rendered on your computer, then printed out.


What is a group?

Groups are available to help you swap coupons easier with others who are in search for the same items you are. We have found this feature speeds up the location process, as being a member of a certain group like "The Diaper Group" for example, that anyone posting to this group would post diaper only coupons, or maybe even baby food or formula. Coupons that center around what the Group is about is the goal. You can start your own group or join one here now.


Is membership really free?

Yes! It certainly is. Why charge for saving money? We have a passion for social couponing, and want to encourage as many participants as possible to our coupon swapping platform. If you haven't yet, you can join here for free.


What should I become a member?

Membership offers you a way to give back to those who are giving to you. Your contributions helps grow the community through the use of Groups and internal messaging. Only membership enables these popular features that others have found actually saves them time online hunting for coupons, as group effort like our platform offers compiles them easily for you - and with the best offers.


How do I add friends?

Adding new friends is very easy. Simply click on the profile name of the person you wish to make friends with. Then, in the upper right hand corner of the profile page you will see "Add To My Friends". Simple as that! You are now connected to that profile and can track what coupons they have submitted more easily. In the case you need to reverse this process, you would just revisit the profile and choose "Remove From My Friends".


What type of coupons can be added to

The coupons that are the best fit for our community are ones that are direct from a manufacturer or special offer instead of a link from another coupon site. The reasons for this are user experience and time. Linking as close to the original coupon source narrows the search quicker for everyone.


I can’t get a coupon to print in my web browser?

Try printing from a different browser.  If you use Internet Explorer, then try printing in Firefox or vice versa.  Often this will do the trick.


How many times can I print each coupon?

In general, most printable coupons use what is known as the "Bricks Technology" which allows you to print each coupon twice per computer.  You will have to hit your browser’s back button to take you to the initial printing screen to be able to print the coupon a second time.  Every once in a while a coupon can be printed more than twice but it is not the norm.  There are the occasional coupons that are in a .jpg format.  These coupons can be printed many times.

How do I determine a coupon type?

The manufacturer coupon has a bar code that begins with the number 5 or the number 9. Coupons that begin with the number 9 will not automatically double at the register.  You will need to ask the cashier to manually double these coupons. Competitor coupons may vary.  Some may have a bar code, but a true store coupon will not begin with a number 5 or 9. Some coupons may have a store name on the coupon but actually be a manufacturer coupon. If you look carefully you will be able to tell the difference in the type of coupon you have.

How long do the offers and coupons remain on the site for?

All offers and coupons are live on the site for up to 30 days or until the expiration date – whichever comes first.
How is the expiration date determined on offers and coupons?

The expiration date is set by the offer manufacturer or vendor.


I have lost my password, how can I retrieve it?

You can reset your password by visiting this link here.


I have another inquiry or interest in advertising on, how do I contact you?

Contact us here, and an agent will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

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