So How Did The Virtual Coupon Party Get Started?

Every Saturday evening back in my neighborhood I saw a set of balloons on a new mailbox somewhere on my street with a sign hanging below reading "Coupon Party Here". I always wondered just what that was, and why they were so popular. However, after an invite from a good friend to one of these coupon parties, I learned just what all the hype was about!

It was great! Of course being value minded, it was an instant connection for me to talk with other like-minded shoppers. We gathered to swap coupons received in our mailboxes and weekend newspapers, each finding what we needed to get us through the days ahead and save a few dollars to edge out the tough economy.

Well, as any good story goes these days, it goes online! The coupon party concept was a perfect fit for the Internet. I knew a place everyone could meet online would be better instead of having to go house hop and waste gas driving each time defeated the purpose of saving money to begin with! With the hundreds of thousands of coupon parties going on all across the country, and even the world, why not have an online meeting place that everyone could get in on with the fun and savings - no matter your location!

Welcome to, your virtual coupon party online for sharing, swapping, and saving with the Internet's first coupon swap site. Meet new friends, connect with other coupon superstars by our custom follow features, and so much more! Here at you can find some of the most popular printable coupons on the web! Our users post the freshest and biggest discounts you can find, and then rate them for your convenience so you get what you need quickly as suggested by our ever-growing coupon community.

Our coupon sharing platform has been built with the importance of social connection in mind. With a little term we deemed "social swapping" you can instantly connect with friends, add new friends, and follow others surrounding the entire idea of the virtual coupon party. You can even build your own groups for your friends and invite new members to join, all focused around a particular theme if you want. Coupon sharing for you, by people just like you!

Now it is time for you to celebrate with us! Join for free and start printing your favorite coupons right from the printer beside you. We even have the best coupon codes for use at online retailers. From specific coupons like Olive Garden coupons, all the way to 1000's of general coupons like Grocery and Drugstore, will save you and your family hundreds of dollars in the products and services that you use everyday! Get started and add coupons you have found online, print coupons others have found, and swap them all with the best coupon party in the world! Join now for free!


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